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Defects of Polaroid cameras and related products. A warning to all.

The information is here for all customers and potential customers to see what is really happening and to do something about it.

Let us look at the defective models/series:


  • i733 (Pink, etc), i533 (Pink/Silver, etc) and the rest of the i-series.
  • Since this is the first model you will look at let us go into the details right away and skip the red tape. There are many models that are defective in one way or another, and there is not enough supply to go around for the customers requesting a replacement so the tech support technicians from Summit Technology Group/Flextronics are forced to make it harder for the customer to receive a replacement. The ploys that will be used are to ask for the receipt and if you do not have it, it is not until the customer screams, jumps and shouts there may be a "one time accommodation." Which is completely unfair since there should be recall and hence the reason for this web page. Additionally, if you do have your receipt to validate the warranty you get a 1 year limited warranty which does not cover user negligence, however having a receipt does not mean that you will get your replacement/repair any sooner than the person who got the "one time accommodation." Finally, shipping to the company is paid by the customer unless the customer complains and moans even harder than they had to beg to get their camera sent in.

    Now before we get deeper into this, the webmaster feels extremely sorry for the many women that bought this camera to support the Breast Cancer Month. The Breast Cancer Foundation and Elizabeth Hurley should ideally remove their names from all Polaroid cameras after they read this document.

    This is the first model that we are going to start with because it is by far the most problematic. It is surprising to this day that a recall has not been issued. This camera after a few months will stop working! and I don't use that exclamation point lightly. The camera will make three beeps and the lens will sometimes get stuck and after a few moments it will shut off completely. Sometimes it will get stuck on until the batteries are taken out manually. A hundred or so of these cameras are reported to Polaroids customer support center in 14K World's Fair Drive, Somerset, New Jersey every day. While Polaroid is responsible for the manufacturing defect, the tech support center company called Summit Technology Group prefers to deal with the complaints by making the customer feel as if theirs is the only camera that is defective. At no point does the company disclose that these are well known problems. Also there is a continuous lateness in replacing these cameras. Additionally, some cameras have problematic battery terminals that do not make contact after some use and the camera fails to power up because of this.

    The customers that were brave enough to jump through the hoops to send their camera in for repair are given the sense that it will take a month or less to get a replacement. This is not the case as the average waiting time is about 2-3 months depending on how backed up the company is with the constant stream of cameras coming in.

  • i630: same as i733

  • i633: same as i733

  • i531/i532/i532RC:same i733

  • i 832
  • Same as i733 and...

    Here, we have the i832, and the problem with this camera is that the battery door breaks because all of the doors for this camera came out defective. If you do not have your receipt with a valid date, you will get hit with a big fee of over 20 dollars. When clearly this should be covered under a recall.

  • t730
  • The problem with this camera is that the slider button that switches the modes eventually gets loose and slides but does not make contact. Sometimes there are some small spots that eventually can turn into blotches on the LCD screen.

  • a-series
  • The entire a series of cameras like the a520, a300, a310 and a700 suffer from extreme poor quality pictures. The pictures come out blurry on the day and night, the flash is not sufficient to take a picture under dark conditions and the LCD screen is not very visible in sunlight and completely black on darker situations. It does not make a difference if you change the settings. Many of these cameras have problematic battery terminals that do not make contact after some use and the camera fails to power up. Additionally, these cameras use up batteries like there is no tomorrow.

  • m635
  • Does not charge properly. If it doesn't power up, then you can't use it.

    If you loose the connections cable that came with it you're out of luck. One cable does all with this camera and it is very pricey to replace. Additionally, if you're not using the flash with this camera 98% of the time you will get blurry or less than optimal quality. While changing the settings makes a bit of a difference if you shut the camera off it will reset so you have to do it all over again every time you turn it on!

  • PDC series
  • PDC 5055, PDC 5070, PDC 5080, PDC 3080, PDC 3070 and the rest of the series are rather old cameras and are just as bad or worse than the a-series mentioned before with the blurry pictures no matter what settings you put and poor lighting in dark conditions. Another problem is that after a year these cameras will no longer save the date. When you turn it on it will show the date setup window every time which makes it very annoying to use and it will not be accepted for repair for this reason. On a final note if you own the PDC 3035 get ready for the flash to stop working completely in addition to the problems listed above.

  • ION series/Cool i Cam
  • By far the worse series of all the cameras, good luck getting it to work with your computer when you try to transfer pictures. It is a hit or miss when doing that with this camera. Picture quality is horrid unless you are on perfect conditions. Having said that this series is by far the cheapest you will find, but it should at least be able to transfer pictures to your computer as advertised.

  • iZone Digital Cameras
  • The battery on these cameras stops holding charge and there is no way to fix it no matter what you hear on the phone! This camera will be replaced with an a series camera that does not play mp3s, if you have your receipt with a valid date (i.e. one year warranty from date of purchase). Additionally, it does not have speakers.

  • CAA-03040S
  • You can't change date and time it will always remain the same. It is more of a toy than a video camera do not expect functionality with this camera. Very limited in what you can do.

  • All Digital Frames (IDF, XSA, CPA series, etc)
  • Will only display jpeg images on the “root” directory of your memory card, stick, etc. Root directory means that the pictures cannot be in any folder. The instruction manual does not explain most of the functions. Average display quality and comes by default with an annoying mosaic mode that does not show one picture at a time but several tiny ones. Does not have any memory on it so you must buy your own memory card/stick. Cannot be plugged into your computer. Do not push in the memory card/stick too hard or it will get stuck inside.

  • iSee 360
  • This unit works with your ipod/ipod nano so you can watch videos. The problem with this unit is that unless you have one of the models that it is designed for, it will not work. The models that work are typically the older units more than a year old. You actually have to send it in so that special firmware is installed and you have to pay for shipping unless you jump and scream. Also 98% of the technicians are not trained to support this product so be prepared to be put on hold while you get an estimated guess since there is no ATO/isee extension. Additionally, you need a special adaptor for the ipod nano that is rare to get, be prepared to wait several weeks to get one if you are lucky. Finally, you may be struck by lightning before you are able to get in touch with ATO (the manufacturer) directly.

  • CGA-02540: Media Backup - Photo Edition
  • Will automatically back up only pictures that you have in your computer. It is a simple machine, that while it does work, it cannot store anything other than pictures. It will only work with your computer cannot be used in another computer. While it is very simple and it does work, that is its greatest strength and its greatest flaw. Do not expect to be able to transfer pictures to another computer and it has very limited options.

  • i1032
  • Out of all the cameras you will find this camera will last longer, but is also the most expensive. It does cease to work like the rest of i-series but it is rare. It eventually strips the tripod mounting point if you use it too much.

  • t737
  • Does not charge properly. If it doesn't power up, then you can't use it.

  • i739
  • This camera that does not have problems but, don't expect amazing quality.

  • x530
  • Lens gets stuck and grinds. Poor quality. Expensive camera.

  • a550
  • Same as the a500 and it turns off and on after power button gets stuck.

  • Mounting point for tripod
  • If you are planning to take pictures with a tripod the mounting point (at the bottom of the cameras) on all the cameras will eventually strip and cannot be replaced.

  • Cosmetics
  • Expect the paint to peel off around the corners at some point and some small scratches on the LCD. If you don't take extreme care of these cameras expect to find a broken LCD or black blotches of ink on the screen eventually. Good luck sending it in and have a poorly trained “technician” decide whether it was your fault or a defect.